Our Technology

How Does It Work?

- The Bull Bottle's Hydrogen Water Bottle secret lies in its advanced technology. When you fill it up with regular water, it gets to work.
- Inside, a tiny generator releases molecular hydrogen into the water. These tiny hydrogen molecules are like little superheroes, fighting off free radicals in your body.
- Think of it as an antioxidant boost for your hydration routine. It’s like taking a sip from the well of vitality.
- The magic happens thanks to the PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology within the bottle. This specialized membrane allows protons to pass through while blocking other ions, resulting in pure hydrogen infusion.

Using Your Bull Bottle

1. Charge the Bottle: Connect the bottle to a USB port and charge it fully. Ensure it’s ready for the hydrogen infusion process.
2. Fill It Up: Unscrew the cap, pour in your water—tap, filtered, or straight from a mountain spring.
3. Press the Button: Activate the hydrogen infusion. Watch those tiny bubbles form—the magic is happening! In just 5 minutes your hydrogen infused water is ready.
4. Sip and Thrive: Take a sip, feel the freshness, and let the hydrogen molecules do their dance.

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