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Bull Bottles

Original Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle 14 oz

Original Pro Hydrogen Water Bottle 14 oz

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Bull Bottles  Original Pro Features & Benefits

• Helps decrease inflammation

• Improves gut health

• Smart self-cleaning mode

• Increases natural energy (ATP)

• Reduces oxidative stress ORP -475 mV

• 14 ounce capacity (414 ml)

• Generates 1000-2000 PPB H2 in 5 minutes

Product Description

Our Professional grade hydrogen-generating water bottle uses the latest most advanced PEM & Titanium SPE technology. This bottle is the most versatile hydrogen water bottle on the market today.

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Boost Your Performance:

Elevate your workouts and your day. This is hydration
that ups your game, giving you natural energy and faster recovery, minus the
jitters of caffeine